Cremation Services

Carnes Funeral Home is dedicated to providing meaningful, caring, personalized and detailed cremation services to you and your family in your time of bereavement. You may choose from a variety of cremation service options to suit your needs and preferences or those previously specified by the deceased.

Make Cremation Service arrangements in the comfort of your home

Cremation service arrangements can be made by email, fax or online; alternatively, call us to make an appointment to visit one of our funeral home locations. We will explain all available options and related costs.

No-cost Cremation Service (requires body donation)

Most medical schools, and several private organizations, accept donations of whole bodies for use in research and education. Most of these donor-accepting programs offer a no-cost cremation option following the donation; alternatively, you can request the return of the cremated remains.

Please note, a screening process is involved and determines eligibility.

We work in close coordination with several programs, and usually can place a donation for those who are interested in doing so.

No Cost Cremation

If you are interested in the No-cost Cremation Service with Medical Body Donation, please contact a Carnes Funeral Home Director.

You may also call either of these two numbers to initiate the screening process or to learn more: 713.943.2500 or 409.986.9900

Direct Cremation Service for $1295 (total charge)

Carnes Funeral Home offers a Direct Cremation Service for one of the lowest prices you can find anywhere in the Greater Houston area. The $1295 price includes:

  • Removal of the body
  • Filing of all paperwork
  • Crematory fees
  • Cremated remains returned in plastic urn
  • Free pick up at any of our locations (Mail out additional)
  • Death Certificates additional, per need

The $1295 price applies for body removal in the following Texas counties: Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Montgomery and Chambers. Other county removals will be charged an additional mileage fee.

Choose from several options to combine a Cremation Service with a Funeral Service, Burial Service or Memorial Service

You can choose to hold a traditional service, memorial service or graveside service in conjunction with a cremation service. Holding a service in conjunction with the cremation provides a way to pay tribute to the memory of the deceased. Additionally, such services help family and loved ones to deal with their feelings of grief regarding the passing of the deceased.

Services preceding the cremation service

You can choose to hold a memorial service in one of our Carnes Funeral Home locations or your place of worship. Alternatively, a graveside service can be held. Services may be private or public with either an open or closed casket.

Services following the cremation service

You can choose to hold a service following the cremation, and include placement of the urn containing the deceased’s remains on display. Your memorial or graveside service may be religious or secular in nature, and can be personalized to honor the life of the deceased.

Comprehensive funeral, cremation and donation services, affordably priced

Carnes Funeral Home can advise, assist with and take care of all pre-planning and performing of your chosen funeral, cremation, burial, memorial, or medical body donation services.

And we will accept your burial plan, even if you purchased it at another funeral establishment.

Carnes Funeral Home provides services at lower than competitive prices, easing the pressure of your “at time of need” experience.

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